7 minutes in hell remixeed

this quiz will heip you just kidding its like the 300 7 miutes in heaven anyway you should rate and comment if you like if you donti dont what you should do dont put any smart remarks okay enjoy

who will u get i know well the quiz knows so take and find out who you had sex with or who you made out with look i dont know i just got bord and wanted to do this so dont jugde me

Created by: magicmovement

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  1. its a hot summer day and your homgirl calls you and says "hey,i having a party tonite and i want you to come'" u say
  2. but your sso bore that u decide to go anyway
  3. be the time u get there your mom calls you and says "hey where did you go" u lie and say
  4. so you get there and you see your ex what do u do
  5. you freinds says their playing 7 miutes in heaven and ask if you wanted to join in you say
  6. u say yes and your freind says pick a number
  7. she says pick a letter
  8. a few minutes past by and your nervous of your paired up with
  9. your ex comes over to talk to you what do you do
  10. finally the call your number but the and you get..

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