7 minutes in heaven(with a hottie!)

Do you like 7 minutes in Heaven? Then this is the place for you! This is my first thing like this, so go easy on me, please! But you should still rate/comment, if you can.

Here's just extra stuff: The quiz is 12 questions long, and this is GIRLS ONLY. Please, no boys allowed here, this is GIRLS ONLY. Oh yeah, and there are 3 guys.

Created by: Gbeth

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Pick a number!
  2. A black buzz cut with black hair. Dark tan and the biggest jerk in town.
  3. Short blonde hair and deep gray eyes. Crooked teeth and a childish grin. The ultimate class clown.
  4. Brown flip-able brown hair with blue eyes as deep as the ocean. The most popular kid in school.
  5. *these next questions don't count* Do you like waffles?
  6. Do you like cheese
  7. Favorite color
  8. What age
  9. Rate?
  10. Comment? (yes, this)

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