Are you a hottie?

are you a total hottie ? yes maybe no idk. well take this quiz and youll find out you have to be true to your self be you. its ok no matter what your score is youll always have a beautiful mind

say your not a hottie and u lie on the quiz ull kno thatt youre not hot and just the computer telling you that you are hot is not going to help u tell the truth

Created by: emily
  1. what is your hair color?
  2. what is your eye color?
  3. how tall are you?
  4. what is your skin color?
  5. whats your style
  6. do you wear nikes
  7. do you have a bf/gf
  8. are you a geek
  9. do you wear glasses
  10. do you think your hot

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Quiz topic: Am I a hottie?