Harry Potter--7 minutes in heaven

Okay my first quiz...Harry Potter--7 minutes in Heaven...yeah I have know idea what to write here...so um yeah just take the bloody quiz already......

Created by: Slytherin4life
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  1. It's Saturday evening and while everyone is out at Hogsmeade,your stuck in detention with Draco,Harry,Ron,and Oliver.It's really quite and no one seems to be talking.Finally you have to break the silence and say "Hey why don't we play a game to pass the time?" "What game?"Ron ask.Then Oliver shouts,"Seven Minutes in heaven." Harry and Ron look a little weirded out,Oliver looks embarrassed he even said anything,and Draco says "Sure, why not?" smirking at you."So how about it _______?"(your name)Your answer:
  2. Okay so this is how its gonna work,I'm gonna ask you a whole bunch of questions,and who ever you have most in common with is who you will kiss.
  3. Personality?
  4. If you looked into the Mirror of Erised, what would you see?
  5. Pick a letter
  6. Least favorite character?
  7. What house are you in?
  8. Okay I'm running out of questions...so who do you really want kiss?
  9. Kay so did you like my quiz?Sorry If it sucked its my first one.
  10. Well bye...

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