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  • mark

    VAMPxKITTY Feb 18 '13, 11:19PM
  • I got Luke

    narhacutie Sep 5 '11, 9:04PM
  • hehehe noah hehe

    mary678 Aug 30 '11, 9:00PM
  • aww mark

    goldenriver103 Aug 23 '11, 5:18PM
  • yer im with malia, the others are just sooo x rated... lol i got mark, so cute

    DragonRider294 Jun 9 '11, 6:44AM
  • i took it agaain and got noah. i like noah better!

    Actress97 Jun 5 '11, 5:54PM
  • haha this quiz is funny did u notice that the pick a letter things answers are the guys names jumbled up?my friend made this quiz this is the only seven minutes in heaven quiz iv taken that isn't completely SICK

    malia0123 May 20 '11, 9:18PM
  • mark is awesome!!

    Actress97 May 15 '11, 5:23PM
  • I got Noah! He is sooo sweet!

    Miss Vampire May 15 '11, 2:40PM
  • I got Luke! He is so sweet!!!

    Miss Vampire May 15 '11, 2:39PM
  • Yay! Noah is my fave because he's a skater guy! I got him like every time. Hehe I'm the creator of this quiz! Did you notice they all have Christian names?

    1JBieber May 15 '11, 2:23PM
  • I don't like Matthew... STALKER!!!!!!!

    ariana1222 May 15 '11, 2:17PM

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