7 minutes in heaven. (GIRLS ONLY)

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Welcome to 7 minutes in heaven. this is clean, I assure you. it's only for girls (unless you are gay) Well all the people in this quiz are real so don't think you won't hurt Joshua's feelings.

In this quiz there are there guys. Max, Xavier and Joshua. Max and Xavier are legit but Joshua, not so much but this quiz is awesome. and trust me it took days to make this.

Created by: keshamari
  1. You are invited to a party hosted by the hottest guy in school. what would you wear?
  2. It's time to play truth or dare. Chrisy dares you to kiss Joshua. you...
  3. It's time to play naked in the toilet. (I made up this game)Xavier is naked in the bathroom and your name gets called out. you...
  4. It's time to play 7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN. yours and Max's names gets called out. you...
  5. After 7 minutes you come out of the closet and your girls ask you what happened. you reply...
  6. After the games it's time for snacks. you choose...
  7. You don't have to answer the rest of the questions.
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