60 years without you Part 2

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Well lets see this is part 2 of 60 years without you and this is like a fill in that answers all your questions. I hope you enjoy. Special shout outs to Alleria and to outsider.

Lets resume the quiz. I got out of bed and followed the muic from the violin. I saw a boy my age who was playing the violin. He had lovely blonde hair buts since his eyes were closed I couldnt see the color. After he was done I clapped he opened his eyes wich revealed lovely ocean blue eyes. He asked what are you doing here

Created by: Avenger16
  1. My name is____ and I dont know were I am I heard a wonderful melody so I followed it and tada here I am. So what are you sopposed to be he asks.
  2. I mean is are you new here or are you already here for a long time in A.O.T what color is your room he asks.
  3. I sat down next to him and said my room is yellow. And asked what does A.O.T. Stand for.
  4. A.O.T stands for academy of training. By the way my name is william and I have been here the for the same amount of time as you. I could see him smile. He is perfect I thought in my head.
  5. Wait I thought this cant be right why am I in a training center. I ask william"why are we here what are we doing here are we the only ones" many questions are going through my mind
  6. Relax I took it the same way you did when they told me. We are here to get trained for when we can go outside again. There are other people here mostly our age and we are safedont worry he said as he got up.
  7. He held out a hand to help me up a grabbed it and when I got up we were facing each other we were just centimeters apart.
  8. We were just centimeters apart he startedbto lean closer to me. Finally when our lips met some one burts throught the window.
  9. So far what do you think
  10. Please coment on what you think I should add to the story.stay tunned for part 3

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