4 Boys and so many possibilities (Part 3)

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Hi! Part 3 is here! I hope you enjoy it! Comment and rate please! It helps a lot! Tell me my flaws and I'll try my best to fix them! I'm a terrible speller! Sorry I'm not good in grammor. Lyrics for the quiz!

Take everything left from me! All! To! Blame! How can we succeed, takeing what we don't need! Selling lies, alibie, selling all the hate we breed! Super size out tragety! You can't defy me or justify greed! Brought in the land of the free!

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. Couple months had passed. I was now in December. A dance was coming up in a couple of weeks. I hanged out with Nathan at his house. We did homework and then talked for hours. Sometimes we would end the night with a kiss. I hanged out with Steven in random places. Like one time we went to a meseaum of natural history. We didn't listen to the guife though. The wax figures were brand new and some had flat heads. We pointed it out and the guide said "Oh thats part of the display." "Its nice to know that probably one of my ancestors had a flat head" Steven teased. The woman got neverous and forced a smile. We laughed afterwards. I hanged out with Brad and I met with his paralized sister. She was really nice. I felt bad for her and saw that Brad had a lot to do here. His mother worked two jobs since his father died after his sister was born. He was only one at the time and his sister got hit by a car and now is paralized for life. I felt really bad for her. Not being able to move. Whenever I go to the mall which is once or twice a week I saw Jack there. He would be buying a perscription for his dad or in the book store reading a high level book for a college or something. We would talk and he wasn't that much of a jerk. But once I thought that it came quickly. I felt like he was hiding something or that he didn't want me to know him. But we had fun. I had fun with all of the guys. But I don't know if I love one more then the other or what.
  2. One day I was talking with Brad. "So hows your sister?" I asked. "She's doing g-good." He said. "So are you doing anything afterschool?" he asked. "Yeah I gotta help Nathan with his homework." I said. "Okay my sister was wondering if you could visit..." He said. "I can visit tomarrow for sure though" I said. He smiled and said "Yes please. She doesn't really get to see her friends that much or pretty much of anyone. So that would be nice." He smiled. I smiled back. "Well time to get to class. The bell is going to ring." I said to him. He nodded and we said our good-byes. I left to my first few classes until lunch.
  3. "Hi Steven" I said. "Hi _____. So what's going on in your life?" He asked me. "Normal as always; how about yours?" I replyed. "Boring as ever" He said. "You didn't look to bored at the meseum." I said. He chuckled. "That was funny you know that. If that was my ancestor then maybe that flat face skips a couple of generations you know?" He said grinning. I laughed. "That is so true." I said. "Well I guess my life isn't so boring..." He said. "Well it better not" I said. "It wont...." He smiled. I was confused why he smiled like that. "What?" I asked. "Nothing." He got up and walked away. I then went through my classes and I was working on my homework in my free period. I tapped my pencil as I tried to work out the problem before my eyes. "Need help?" Sai Jack behind me. "Yeah I guess so..." I said. He sat next to me and explained to me how to work it in the way that the teachers don't teach it. "Where did you learn all of this? The teachers don't teach it. And you can't just teach yourself." I said. "I did teach myself. I just read a lot of books and teach myself in the simplest way for me." He said. "Your like a genius you know that?" I said to him. He smiled and said "I'm no genius. But thanks for the complament." The bell rang and school was over. I waited for Nathan. He hasn't come out yet and a girl came to me and whispered in my ear saying "If Nathan seems to be into you. He's not. All of his relationships been a lie and comtinue to hang out with him and fall in love......Expect to become heart broken." Then she left. I went to look at her but she was already gone in a bus. Nathan came over to me and smiled. "Ready?" he asked me. I nodded my head. We then walked over to his house. Surprisenly the neighbors next door were not yelling.
  4. We did our homework and started to talk like normal. But he was more quiet then usual. After a while he hasn't spoke I asked "Is something wrong?" He looked at me and said "Yes......" He got closer to me. "I'm in love with you...." He said and kissed me. I kissed him back and we were about to go deeper into the kissing but then yelling from the neighbors started. He stopped and said "Those neighbor don't stop yelling all the time" He got up and walked out the door. "Don't they know that they have neighbors?" He said and knocked on the door. The instant he did that the side window broke from a beer bottle. I flinched. The door unlocked and there stood a guy with black hair and brown eyes showed up. He smelled like beer and alcohol. "What do you want?" He said. "We came here to ask you if you can keep your yelling a little bit quieter-" Nathan started.
  5. "What are you talking we are as quiet as a mouse!" The man said drunkly. "No your not. We can hear you loud and clear in the house next to you." I said. "He looked at Nathan's house and yelled "Martha! Since when did we have neighbors!?" He yelled. A woman came with black hair and bright yellow eyes said "We had neighbors when we moved here..." She said scared and quietly. "Okay sorry about all the ruckus. He said "Would you need anything else?" Martha said. She seemed to be extreamly nice. "No thank you." Nathan said. The drunk man walked in and said "Martha where is the boy!? He's never home you know that!?" "He is here sweetie" She said and closed the door. Me and Nathan walked back to his house and he said "I feel bad for that kid" "Yeah he probably looks terrible with that type of father." I said. He smerked and said "Probably!" Then we started to laugh. We then went back inside of the house and started to finish what we started before the weird guy.
  6. Then it got late and I left his house. I heard someone was picking up the broken glass. I looked to see who it was. There was a guy who looked like my age. He had a white shirt with some jeans. He also had dark green dyed hair. He got up and looked behind him with the corner of his eye. His eyes were bright yellow. "Sorry about that..." Said Jack depressed. He then walked inside of the house quickly before I could say anything. "Jack?" I said shocked. He was the kid of that drunk dad.......
  7. There I stood shocked. I then walked back home trying to piece things together. I went to sleep. The next day after school I havn't seen Jack all day. Nathan was a practice and Brad hasn't come out of class yet. There I saw Jack there alone. "Jack!" I said going to him. He looked at me and looked down. "Sorry about that yesterday..." He said. "Jack I didn't know thats where you lived." I said. "Unfortinaly yes." He said. "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked. "Telling you that my dad is an alcoholic? Who would want a dad who drinks all day and yells? Who would want a dad that..." He looked at me and I felt bad for him "Who would want him as a father?" He said walking away. I just stood there. I felt bad for him. The Jack I knew as the jerk was never him. He was just covering up his pain from his father. I stood there and Brad came.
  8. We walked to his small cute house. It had a small kitchen and living room with three bedrooms and 1 bathroom. I walked to the hallway and entered the room first to my right. I entered and in it was a girl's room. It had a tv with pink walls and purple poka dots. There was dressers and a closet. There was a lamp and some books. On the pink twin bed was Brad's little sister Jasmine. She had mossy green eyes and long silky, brown hair. She had a pink bottoned pajama shirt on with pink pajama pants. She smiled when I came in. "Hi _____" She said to me. "Hi how are you?" I asked. "I'm how about you?" She asked. "I'm good" I said. "So your watching River Monsters?" I said. She said "Yup. Its about the long fin eels." She said. "Those guys creep me out. And that story about how the guy was going to get something from the bottom of the lake?" I said. "For me that would be freaky. Seeing all those eyes and eels bigger then me and trying to get my feet. Thats just scary!" She said. I laughed. She can be so dramatic. Brad came in and said "Hey sis" He sat on the bed next to her.
  9. We all talked about our day. She seemed to really like listen about the outside world that she can't really see no more. You could tell that she forced a smile to show thats she's alright. Brad has to take care of her when their mother is not home. Their mother has 2 jobs. Brad's dad died years ago when he was 3 and his sister was 1. It must really suck no growing up with out a dad. At least they knew what happened to him. Sometimes parents leave without a warning and their childern never really get to know them. But I pushed those thoughts out and I had a good time talking with his sister. It was getting late so I said my good-byes and left. With thoughts swirling around my head.
  10. The next day I hanged out with Steven. It was Saturday and a week away from the dance. Me and Steven were walking around the park. There was little kids running around the park. We were talking and then Steven stopped and said "_____" I stopped and looked at him. "Yeah Steven?" I asked. "Do you want to go to the winter dance with me?" He said. "Sure as friends?" I said. I like him a lot but I feel in the middle of 4 hot guys and I love them all. He looked down and said "Yeah as friends..." I felt bad turning his ask out as a friend night at the winter dance. But I don't know how to feel for him yet. I like him. I like Brad. I like Nathan and surprisnly I like Jack. But I don't know if I love more then the other yet.
  11. The day went on is akwardness with Steven. I finally said that I should get going so we said our good-byes. I walked into the mall. I wanted to find a dress. I looked at all the stores and found the perfect one. It was a nice dress that was poofy at the bottom and it was short. The top was strapless with a jewl blue belt. The dress itself was purple. I found some black boots that would go good with it. I felt pround buying a dress that was so beautiful on sale for 7 dollars. I walked out of the store. I walked around the mall. I walked to the book store hoping to see Jack. I wanted to talk to him
  12. Luckly I did find Jack. He was reading a chemistry book. He noticed me. I looked at him and said "So you house seems nice....." He kept his eyes on the book. "Jack I'm sorry for you. Just cause your dad is an alcoholic doesn't mean that I would stay away from you like your a creep." I said. "Your you and not even close to your father. He doesn't change you or anything. I don't want you to ignore me because of your dad." I said. "You don't understand. Whenever I know someone or even have a single friend he finds out and hurts them. He ruined my entire life and if I even have feelings for someone they always get hurt...." He said. He put the book down quickly and left me. I looked at where he's was just standing. I looked where he walked off to. "He likes me?" I thought to myself.
  13. I walked out of the mall. "Great now I have three guys who like me......But who do I like? Do I like Nathan? But theres that rumor of him.....Steven? He's been too much of a trouble maker and I don't want to be in that type of life again....Brad? But he needs to focus on his younger sister. He can't pay attention to me and her at the same time....can he? I don't wanna put too much pressure on him.....Jack? But he said that I might get hurt because of his dad.......Who do I love truly?" I thought to myself. Then my phone rang and it was Steven. "Hey sorry but I don't think we'll be able to go to the dance" He texted me. "Why" I text him back. "I got suspened" He sent me a message back. "What?!" I said.
  14. Hi! Thats the end of part 4!

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