4 boys, 3 siblings, 2 girls, 1 world to save

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my quiz! Some of you may have taken my other quizzes, magical love. I have parts 1-5 up right now, and I have the next two quizzes planned right now. I don't think they're very good, and I might stop them, but I probably won't. I hope this one's better!

So this is the first part of 4,3,2,1! (4 boys, 3 siblings, 2 girls, 1 world to save) _________ means insert your name here. You're 16, about 5'3" with light brownish/blond hair. Your eyes are green, but change to blue when you feel a strong emontion. You're a triplet, and your best friend is living with you. You know you're not the prettiest girl out there, but you aren't ugly either. You're just...normal *gasp* Enjoy!

Created by: _ViolaLover_

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  1. "I brought you some juuuice!" You and your best friend Bailey were rolling on the ground laughing while you watched 'Kid History, episode 6'. Bailey is living with you and your family because her family was killed in a car crash, so naturally you took her in. She's your height with dark brown hair and blue eyes. She turns guys heads, but she doesn't let it go to her head. In fact, she's currently dating your brother, Jake. Jake is tall, built like football player. To most people, he's quiet, sullen. To us, he's extreamly funny and an awesome friend. You sit up, still gasping for breath, and Bailey does the same. "That was hilarious!" She exclaims. "Tell me about it! Come on, I smell cookies, lets go steel some from Cailtin." Bailey grins at you and you walk out of your room. Caitlin is your sister, she's tall blond with blue eyes, and she's into sports. You see her sitting on the couch and sneak up behind her, and grab two cookies off her plate. You tossed one to Bailey. "Hey!" She exclaimed. "Give those back!" "Mmmm, I don't think so," replies Bailey, taking a bite out of her cookie. "_______, Bailey, be nice to Cailtin!" your mom shouted from the kitchen. "Yes Mom!" You chorused.
  2. And then...the world exploded. At least, that what is seemed like. You were blown off your feet, landing several feet away. There was fire everywhere, you could feel pain, but you couldn't move. You herd screaming, was that you? You saw a pair of boots approaching and you herd a male voice say "Here's one more!" Another beam fell, and you herd cussing. "Just leave her, we've got this one," you hear another voice call. You saw the boots move away. You had to get out, had to find someone, anyone. You still couldn't move, and you were slowly fading out. Was this death? Just as you let the black take you, you felt strong arms wrap around you and lift you up, then...nothing.
  3. All you saw was a redish orangish glow. Oh wait, that's the inside of your eyelids. You couldn't quite open them yet, and you didn't care. You were tired...so tired. You registered next something stroking your hair. It was conferting, so you didn't mind. Now you could hear someone speaking..."Tyler, what are you still doing by her? This one is the most importan." A voice really close by spoke. "She may not be the one, but her life is important too." That must be who was stroking your hair. "Why won't they wake up?" Another voice stressed. "Wait, we haven't tried waking up that one," you herd a fourth voice. Nice, your 'that one' now. You felt someone gently shaking your shoulder. "Can you hear me? I need you to wake up. Come on..." It was the voice that defended you, so you opened your eyes. You were staring into deep blue eyes. He had brown shaggy hair and a cute smile. He grinned down at you. "Good morning." You sat up really fast. Who were these people? Where are you? Where's the rest of your family? What happened? You scooted back, till you hit the headbord of the bed you were on. You looked around, and saw you were in a white room. And when I say white, I mean white. Everything was white, the curtains, the furniture, the ceiling, the floor, everything. There were a ton of windows though, where you could see a clear blue sky outside. There was one right next to you, and you quickly glanced down and decided that there was no escape that way.You were on the 4th floor at least. There was another bed in the room, which three more boys were clustered around. One had black hair and brown eyes, one had blond hair and green eyes, and the last one had light brown hair and gray eyes. With a steady voice, you asked "Where am I? Who are you? What happened? What am I doing here?" The one with gray eyes shifted, and you caught a glance of the other person lying on the bed. You gasped, it was Bailey. Gray eyes began to speak, "It's a long story, and I think-" he was interupted by the window next to you shattering.
  4. A man jumped in through the window and had a knife to your neck before anyone could even blink. You stiffened. "Now who do we have here?" he crooned. "Let. her.go." Tyler said. "Now why would I do that?" he saw Bailey right then, and said "We have two here? Interesting...well which of these is the one I ne-" He never got to finish that sentence because you preformed a move that you learned in your karate class. You stepped beside him, so it looked like he had you in a head lock, then you stabbed him with his own knife, and you kicked him where it counts. He dropped to his knees, letting go of you. You stepped on his hand, and kicked the knife away before retreating to Tyler. You know what they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Then man on the ground cussed and spoke through gritted teath. "You better sleep with one eye open, I'll get you next time." He jumped back out the window and...disappeared?!?! The guys stared at you with wide eyes. "How did you do that?!" exclaims the one with green eyes.
  5. You ignored him. "What's wrong with Bailey?" You questioned. "So that's her name," the one with brown eyes mused, speaking for the first time. "We don't know, she hasn't moved since we got here. her pulse is fine, but she keeps muttering strange things, we can't make heads or tails of it." You grin, good old Bailey. She's a sleepwalker/talker, and a heavy sleeper. You can wake her up with a lot of noise, or piching a nerve on the neck whick is extreamly painful. "Oh, she's just sleeping then." Gray eyes shook his head. "We've tried to wake her up, nothing works." You rolled your eyes. "She just a heavy sleeper. Move." you crossed to Bailey and pinched her neck. You lept out of the way as she swung an arm at you. "_______, why'd you have to go and wake me up," she said, opening her eyes and freezing. "Where are we? Who are they?" She questioned you. You sat on her bed and looked at them. "I have absolutely no idea."
  6. "I'm Sam, that's Tyler, Jared, and Ashton." He was gray eyes, Tyler was blue, jared was brown and Ashton was green. "And you're in our house. Do either of you remember what happened?" You shook your heads. "Well, these men who blew up your house what one of you, and we think it's Bailey." You both stared at him, shocked. Bailey? She couldn't hurt a fly. No really, I tried to kill a fly the other day and she stopped me, caught it, and put it outside. "Why?" Bailey asked. "They think you're the chosen one." "The what?" you two chorused. "Well, okay, so most humans are unaware of the fact there is a entire other world, where eveyone has powers. Well, everyone has powers no matter what, but in Taldrizel everyone's powers are activated. The chosen one is the heir to the throne of Taldrizel and the only one who can stop Randalf, the evil warlock who is trying to take over." There was a silence. "Wow," Bailey said. "Wow is right," You reply. "So why do you think it's me?"
  7. "Because of the prophecy." "The what?" "Medvil, the sorceress made a prophecy long ago that this would happen, and of the one who could stop it. Would you like to hear it?" You both nodded. "There will come a day when evil reigns and disaster will strike Taldrizel, and only one can stop it. She is second of three, wisest of all. Do not discard the other two, if you do that will be something you rue. They will help save the day, ther is no other way.She will be with one more when she is found, and you will tell it's her from her beauty. And you must remember there is more than one kind of beauty out there...she will be quick and fair, and her eyes are ones of rare." You stiffened, you've herd that before, read that before. You take off your locket and look at it. It's silver and can hold 5 pictures. One of each of your family and Bailey. It's silver and has been passed down through generations.
  8. Sam explained, "We think second of three means there are three people born, and she was the second. Her two siblings are important but not right away. When someone finds her, she'll be with another person,and that she has a rare eye color. It seems to fit you, you're beautiful, _______ was found with you, and you have blue eyes and brown hair, somehting that's not common. Do you have two siblings?" "I used to. They both were killed in a car crash with the rest of my family. And I'm the oldest, not the second oldest." The guys just deflated. "But..._______ are you okay?" Bailey noticed you just staring at your locket. "You said Medvil made the prophecy?" "Yeah," Sam said, slightly confused. "Why?" "My locket, it has that prophecy on it. It's years and years and years old. It was given to me by mother, and her mother gave it to her, and so on. The story she told me when she gave me it was that long ago a woman named Medvil gave my however many great grandmother this and told her to pass it on to her daughter, and her daughter to her daughter, and tell them that one of us would need it one day. There's another thing too," you glanced up at the guys. "The prophecy fits you," Bailey finished for you. "You're a triplet, the second oldest of all of them. I was with her when you guys found her, and her eyes change color from green to blue to green again, depending on how she's feeling at that moment, And she is beautiful." You opened your mouth to object to that last one, but she hurredly continued. "I mean, okay yeah so she's not model material, but it said there is more than one kind of beauty, and ________ is beautiful on the inside. She's the most kind, caring, friendly person you'll ever meet. You also forgot a part, quick and fair. Quick meaning that she's smart, and fair meaning she doesn't make judgements without a good reason," She finished, and smiled at you. You were blushing at all the complements she gave you. All the guys were staring, bu then Tyler said, "I'm sorry ________, but your entire family was killed when they blew up your house." Bailey's face fell, and you stared at him in shock, then confusion. There are some twins that can tell if the other feels pain, or is upset, or something like that. Well you three can tell if one of them is in pain, and is upset, and, you may not believe this, but you can see through eachother's eyes. It sounds crazy, but with everything else that's going on, why not? "All of them?" Bailey whispered. "No, Jake and Caitlin are alive," you say. "I can feel them." "You can FEEL them?" Sam asked. You nodded. "It's something about being a triplet we think. We can tell if another is in pain, or if one of us is upset, and..." you trail off, uncertain. "There's another one? You didn't tell me!" Bailey exclaims. "Well, it sounds kind of crazy, but with everything else I've herd today, why not. We can see through eachothers eyes, but only if one of us feels extream pain." Now everyone is staring at you again. "Wow, it really is you, you're the chosen one!" Jared exclaims. You duck your head.
  9. Bailey's stomach growled and she blushed. "Wow, I'm sorry, we totally forgot. You guys must be really hungry. I'll go make something," Ashton says, rushing out the door. "I'm going to go see if I can find where your brother and sister are right now. Jared, come on." Sam and Jared walked out as well. Tyler smiled at us. "Would you like to see the house?" "Sure," You say, and Bailey nods. You followed him about into a hallway and turn right. He gestures to the four doors you pass and says "Those are our rooms, so if you scream we'll hear you." You keep going until you reach stairs going up and down. "Up there is the roof, which is a garden." You go down a flight of stairs and stop at the first door. It looks like a gym, except for the fact that there's swords on the wall, and a whole lot of other shap objects. You continue to the next room, and you gasp. It's a music room. It has all the orchestra instriments, piano, guitars, and banjos. Your eyes light up, you love music. You can sing but the only people who've ever herd you sing is your family and Bailey. You can play the piano, guitar, banjo, violin, viola, upright bass, and cello. Bailey can play the piano. Tyler notices your expressions and asks "Do you guys play anything?" "I play the piano," Bailey says. "And I play the piano, guitar, banjo, violin, viola, cello, and upright bass." "And she can sing," Bailey adds. You blush. "Not well." She rolls her eyes. "Whatever!" "Well you can use these whenever you want," Tyler tells you. You hear Ashton shout from somewhere to come get food, and you follow Tyler to the stairs when you feel a pain split your head. You drop to your knees and scream. "___________!" Tyler yells! You can hear feet pounding up the stairs until you're pulled into the mind of your sister...
  10. I'm sorry, I have to leave it there. Let me know what you think! Should I continue it? Should I stop? Is it horrible? Is it amazing? Thanks guys!

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