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Hey! A new series I'm making. Sorry its suppose to say 2 paranormal creatures+ 1guy. My finger slipped and I noticed after I typed the title. Sorry. But this quiz is open for guys and girls.

The main character aka: first narrator is a guy. So that for you guys! Its about two paranormal creatures falling for a human named Collin. One is a female vampire. The other is a female werewolf. Two high class monsters. Now the paranormal concil for all monster species are doing a little experiment. One paranormal creature from each species are suppose to go to human school. The vampire Sadie isn't that afraid. In fact thinks its the perfect time to try alive human blood. But the werewolf Lucy wants nothing to do with humans because of the bloody past between humans and werewolves. Comment and rate please. Have a fun time!

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. I walked to chemisrty class. First day of high school. Senior year. Can't believe that this is gona be my last year of high school. The lab was two person tables with a sink next to them. There were 12 tables for 24 people. I found a emptied table. I don't wann be next to a annoying guy or girl. I sent out my appilcations to a couple universities. Hoping to become a doctor. The door opened and in came a super hot girl. I mean she was smoking hot. All of the guys stared at her. She had crystal blue eyes with long curly blond hair. She was wearing skinny jeans with a blue shirt with a heart and a white scarf. She had red lips and was extremly pale. She was entrancing. Like I couldn't get my eyes off of her. She sat right next to me.
  2. *Sadie POV* I sat next to the brown hair human. He looked at me and then looked down in his book. Chemistry. I also noticed that all of the other guys were staring at me. They should. I am a vampire. High class monster of the paranormal world. Stupid concil came up with the idea that one monster of each species should go to human schools. Couldn't they have chosen someone below me. Not me a vampire princess. I have duties of my own you know concil. Hopefull I'm the only monster in this school. But if theres another monster they're gona know who's boss. Me. A top monster. No one can stand in my way. I'm one of the most powerful of all creatures. No one will be able to look me in the eyes not even.....I smelled the air. Werewolf.....
  3. *Lucy's POV* I stood at the high school gate. My stomach was in a knot. My senses were on high alert. I could smell a vampire. In a class filled with chemicals. Chemistry class on the second floor in the science building. 5th class to the right. Another high class monster. Vampires and werewolves sure don't get along. Treating us like dirt. But that wasn't the main thing on my mind. It was the humans that I mostly feared. They hunted my kind for years. They took our land and we were going to make peace but then a full moon came and forced us into our wolf forms. Then they hunted us even today. In few numbers but they know our weaknesses. They are the true monsters....the concil choose me to go to the human highschool. There is suppose to be more monsters. All in this high school. I remember what my mother and father told me. "Don't get in any relationships. Not even a friend. We don't want Drake to be worried too much about you. We don't want to you have any close contact with the humans. Cause in the end they'll put a silver bullet in your heart. Or worse torture you to find you pack. Believe us its happened more then once. Also that you are our next female alpha. For your husbin will be Drake the next male alpha. So we don't want anyone getting in the way of the plans for the strongest pack." They told me. I promised me. But what does the concil want me to be here for?
  4. *Collin's POV aka: yours* I forgot all about the girl next to me and took ahead notes for this class. It was all kindergarden stuff. At least to me it was. The girl looked at me and said "I'm Sadie, guess were lab partners." Her voice as long and sexy. "Nice to have a new aquantince. I'm Collin." I said. "So chemistry. Boring class." She said. She yawned. "Not really." I said. "What are you a nerd?" She said. "Guess so. I quite find solubilty interesting." I said. She looked at me up and down with her crystal like eyes. "I might actuall like nerds..." She whispered. She didn't noticed that I heard her. Then class started.
  5. It was then lunch. I bought my lunch and noticed another hot girl sitting alone at a table. She had silky brown hair with black like highlights here and there. She had really big, cute yellow eyes. She wasn't pale but her skin was flawless. She was wearing a black jacket with a tight red shirt and shorts. She was really hot. I got up and sat next to her. She looked at me and gave me this warning stare. It should have scared me but I had a feeling tha behind those were something else. "What do you want?" She said harshly. "You just look lonely so I came to give you company." I said. "Leave, I don't want you here." She said coldly. Wow this chick is kinda mean. "Okay fine. Just trying to be friendly." I said. Then left. How rude. I found my friend Ray. He had black spiky hair that was straight up in the front. Not all spreaded out. He had dark brown eyes and a dark brown jacket over a black t-shirt with some dark jeans. He was more muscular and stronger. (Taylor Laughtner body) "Hows it going?" He asked me. "Fine just a rude girl." I said. I opened my soda can and took a drink. "She looks pretty cute." Ray said looking at the girl. "But she's rude for a girl." I said.
  6. "Probably not use to the school so she gives out negative comments. Or a sad past." Ray said. "Its how girls are. They have their reasons." I nodded. "And how many girlfriends have you had?" I asked. "About 53 in my entire life." He said. "You?" He asked. "5 in my life." I said. "Let me guess. Third grade? Ice cream shop? Or house?" He said. "Neither." I said a little flustered. He chuckled. "Well I guess I'm gona make her my 54th girlfriend. Its going to be such an honor." He said. "On the first day of school?" I asked. "No, I'm going to work on it. See you later Collin." He said walking away. "Bye" I said back. I turned around and there standing was Sadie. She walked straight to me and said "Wanna hang out after school?" "Okay" I said. Thats unusual a girl asking a guy out.
  7. *Sadie's POV* I dunno what but I have just a feeling about this guy. Like excitment. Maybe his blood tastes like that. I've been given donated human blood. But never had the taste of a living human's blood. I heard that its nice and warm. Sounds good other then cold blood.
  8. After school I waited for him at the school gate. He was pretty cute. With his short brown hair and green eyes. He wasn't super strong but had pretty good musciles. His voice was kind and deep. His eyes showed that he knew lots of knowledge. I saw him and ran straight to me. It was a slow run so no one could notice that I was inhuman fast. He saw me and said "You run fast." "Oh I was just excited. So wanna hang out at the park?" I asked him. "Okay but can we work on our homework before anything else?" He asked. "Sure my place." I said. I grabbed his hand and dragged him towards my human home. I then felt a presence. Werewolf's presence. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw that there was no werewolves. Good don't need any furball interupting my first taste of alive human boy....
  9. *Lucy's POV* I heard the human's and vampire's conversation. From the different tones and body language of the human and vampire I could tell that its probably the vampire's first alive human blood. And the human just thinks that they are going to hang out. Maybe I should go warn him.....no he deserves it. All humans do. And he also has the aroma of a werewolf hunter. Or at least a blood line of it. He deserves it.....I walked past the gate and looked at the sun high in the sky. Also a storm is coming. A week from now is the full moon. Gotta be careful. My stomach growled. My tounge wanted the taste of deer. The thrill of the hunt.....But I guess I'll have to go with human food.....I sighed. The woods are not even close here.....
  10. *Collin's POV* We were at her house in a quiet neighborhood. It was nice and clean. Quiet big. 3 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms, 1 big back yard, kitchen and living room. The bath room was in the hall and the master bed room. Which appearently is her room. It had a big bath tube, (Above one) big closet, glass shower and a sink. The bed was a queen size. Everything was red, gold and black. I worked on my homework in her big study. She was sitting next to me working on hers. We finished after I had to help her. It was now dark. "Its too dark to go to the park so what else would you want to do?" I asked her. "Watch tv?" She asked. "Okay." I said. We walked to her living room. She had a big plasma screen tv and a big couch. "Your family must be rich." I said. "Yeah they are." She said.
  11. *Sadie's POV* We watched tv. My heart was actually nervous. I dunno why but he's actually a sweet guy. He helped me and here I am about to suck his blood. I don't think I'm ready for this. No I'm not. Heck he doesn't even know me. And some reason I wanna get to know him......

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