30 Yes or No Questions

Have you done any of these things ? Well play the game to find out!

30 yes or no questions.

Created by: Jenna!!!!!
  1. Have you ever been arrested ?
  2. Have you ever dropped your lunch tray on someone ?
  3. Have you ever fallen into a pool with your clothes on ?
  4. Have you ever seen a horse fall down ?
  5. Have you ever heard your friends fighting ?
  6. Have you ever seen or been in a fist fight ?
  7. Have you ever snuck out of the house when you were not supposed to ?
  8. Have you ever seen a wild whale,shark, or dolphin ?
  9. Have you ever cussed out a teacher or principal ?
  10. Have you ever kissed someone or been kissed ?
  11. Have you ever fallen off a roof ?
  12. Have you read The Hunger Games ?
  13. Have you ever seen someones swimsuit come off or been in that situation ?
  14. Has anyone ever spread a rumor about you having a crush on someone else ?
  15. Have you ever peed in the ocean ?
  16. Are you emo ?
  17. Have you ever walked into a bathroom of the opposite sex ?
  18. Do you think reading is the most fun thing in the world ?
  19. Do you know the true history of Bloody Mary and why she is called that ( yes there was a bloody mary ) ?
  20. Have you ever played spin the bottle ?
  21. Have you ever saved someone from drowning ?
  22. Have you ever been in an accident ?
  23. Do you have curly hair ?
  24. Have you ever been camping and seen a dangerous wild animal ?
  25. Have you ever bullied or beaten someone up ?
  26. Will you comment and rate ( I worked really hard on this so I would appreciate feedback ) ?
  27. Will you check out my other quiz " OCEAN FIRE EARTH NATURE " ?
  28. Did you like this quiz ? if you did i would be happy to make more for you guys

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