250 Years Without You Part 6

I noticed you guys misunderstood again XD The food only tastes like cardboard because vampires are used and built to drink blood Dont worry, food is the only thing that will never change.

No character descriptions yet. Sorry. I kinda want to start Cant Be With or Without You. But the thing is, I kinda have a little OCD. I admit, I want my profile page neat. *facepalm* Im so ashamed.

Created by: Ivoryleaf

  1. I wonder if there's a library here somewhere. Adric did mention one. I passed the aquarium. "Hey."
  2. I veered to my right and sat down beside Adric. Then I stood up, held out my hand. "Do you know where the library is?" He shook his head. "Training starts in 5. I didn't tell you we had 2 classes a day. Today is a special one though," he nodded of nonchalantly. He ignored my hand and got up himself. He picked at his white shirt. I stifled a laugh, looking at my over sized shirt. Adric brushed past me and led me back to the training room. We filed in and sat down. His bony, yet strong shoulders grazed mine whenever he moved. The electricity it gave me shocked me. Pun intended. All the chatter dialed down when Vella stalked in, wearing a black jumpsuit. Or the tight elastic spandex things superhero's wear. She looked like a Russian spy. My tutor is so cool.
  3. "As you know, today is a benchmark. Your first week after training. You know what that means?" Vella's soft voice sounded powerfully through the room. We kept quiet. "Your first mission." The room tensed up, the excitement clear in the air. "Did she just say 'mission'?" I turned to Adric. He nodded. "But ____________ just got here today! How is she supposed to keep up?" an annoyingly nasal voice sounded. At least to me it was. I peered around to spot the girl I bumped into in the bathroom. "She will keep up, Danae," Vella's warm gaze met mine and the lines around her mouth hinted a smile. I broke into a grin and tried to hide it when 'Danae' scoffed. Adric stiffened beside me but he let go with a breath. He ignored me when I gave him a questioning glance. "The select team will go attend a gala. You are to act as bodyguards to the heiress. The team will then escort her back to safety. This may seem unimportant and nothing to strive for, but it is a crucial start. I will be assessing you guys today to pick the group. Get your partners and do whatever," her cat like gaze was trained on me the whole time.
  4. Adric held out a hand and pulled me up. He let go the moment my feet were steady. I squealed inwardly at his shyness. Being too busy doing that, I wasn't prepared for the foot that just mashed into my neck. Except my hand somehow caught it and twisted it instinctively. Damn. Adric got his leg out of my grasp and threw a punch at me. I veered back and aimed at his chest. Now this is not the training I was taught. My blow hit him right in the center and he fell back 2 meters with a cough. I waited for the adrenaline to back down before I rushed to him. "Sorry. I'm..not accustomed," my hands were waving around awkwardly. "____________. You are now on the team. Adric also. You two defected the blows and aimed very accurately. Good job." Vella appraised us. I thought it was going to be harder than that. Apparently not. Maura congratulated me and jogged back to her grim partner. "Beginner's luck," Danae muttered off in the distance. Possibly, the adrenaline didn't exactly 'cool off' because I got all up in her face. "What is up with you? Are you jealous? No one giving you the attention you wanted?" my voice raised slightly, then dropped into a menacing tone. I agree, I probably crossed a line. Her face contorted into anger and she tried to slap me. I knocked it down, grabbed it, straightened it and flipped her to the side.
  5. Her chest heaved as her back rested on the floor. A crowd had somehow gathered. Someone pulled my arm back. I was led out to the hall. Vella's face was masked, looking constricted. My mouth opened, trying to apologize. Her face broke into a huge grin and she looked all excited. "Finally. Your basic powers are kicking in. It happened to the rest a couple of days ago. My, you are fast. I have to go tell Robert. Dr. Cooper," she added. "What do I do now?" I called after he. "Direct the class. Whatever," she waved her hand and practically skipped. I opened the door, thinking that was not the reaction I was expecting. The room fell in a hush. "Vella told me to tell you all to continue. I'll pick the team," I commanded, feeling au natural. "That's not fair," Danae whined. My gaze probably sharpened since she cowered behind her partner. They accepted my authority and continued. Passing by Danae, I have to admit, she was impressive. To her surprise, I chose her and 4 others. A team of 7. I set down the clipboard on Vella's chair and sat down with my back to the mirror.
  6. Class was over and Dr. Cooper was waiting for me outside. His head was nodding off in every direction as he tried not to fall asleep. He jerked awake when I tapped his shoulder. "Greetings," his voice was scratchy. "You've developed your basic strengths today. Of course, you have the upper hand in all of the fights since you will develop more. That is certain. It seems that you have healed quickly. Time to move into the dorms now," his voice had a light lilt to it. I groaned to myself. I had nothing to pack so I followed him down the halls. "You will be rooming by yourself since we had everything arranged. Sorry," Dr. Cooper pushed a box into the hall and showed me my room. It was definitly more homey than the white medical bed room. The floor was rugged and I had a queen sized bed. Advantages of one person rooming. I had a desk with a sleek laptop, a walk in closet, a couch, a vanity and to top all that off, a lava lamp light thing by my nightstand. I was caught back before I thanked Dr. Cooper. He was already gone.
  7. I gladly jumped into the shower. It was plenty big, even with a bathtub. All the things a girl could need and want were found in the drawers and the vanity. Seeing the price a Synthetic costs, I'm not surprised this facility runs so well. The closet had all sorts of clothing in it. Spy equipment was also provided. I changed into loose long sleeves and jeans. I was surprised to see they still had these. The door knocked and I rushed to open it. Adric stood there. "Hey. We're planning the whole thing. You ready?" he leaned against the doorway. His eyes sort of slid past me. Then back to focus again. He ruffled his light blonde hair and led me out. Vella had her whiteboard out. Not exactly; it was made of glass. She was drawing everything. Little dots here and there, representing us. We were positioned throughout the room in strategical places and then she said a signal will go out and we will all assemble in the back so we could escort the 'heiress'.
  8. The next few days were rehearsed over and over again. Another arena was set up in the exact way the gala would be. We were to infiltrate the place as a group and then scatter. And reform again. We trained with our weapons. Guns that made no sound as it launched the bullets. Bullets that traveled faster than the speed of light. We trained etiquette, the proper ways to hold yourself. Everything was taught to precision. I learned my abilities a lot more. I was stronger, leaner, quicker, more agile and in other words, a supernatural. My senses were tripled over and over again. My vision, my hearing, all of it. I was pushed to my limits.
  9. "Is everyone ready?" Vella's voice blared in our earbuds. We replied firmly. I was dressing in a long mauve dress. It looked uncomfortable but I could move amazingly well in it. Adric tightened his tie when he saw me and looked away. I could see a pink tinge on his cheeks. His hair was slicked back and he was in a tuxedo. The only word I could think of was 'classy'. The gates of the headquarters opened. It was dusk, with just a hint of sun. I'd expected wilted trees, dead sky, polluted airs, run down buildings but to say, this place was even better than I knew it before. The skies were clear, the grass a vibrant green. Everything was spotless. It was a big change but only for the better. All 7 of us were transfixed since we've never been out before. Skyscrapers were everywhere and their windows gleamed and reflected the sun's setting rays. Everything was...clean. I turned and caught a glimpse of a smile on Adric's face. It was contagious.
  10. So, what do you think? Next part should be interesting :) Sorry, but I keep thinking no matter how interesting and action filled the situation is, it turns out pretty boring when I write it out. It's always better in my head.

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