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  • 22 Minutes in Paradise
    Your Result: Jeff

    Jeff is your bff's cousin who is visiting from Miami. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and a really laid- back personality. He tells you he thinks you're really cute and you two talk until the very end when he gives you a kiss. You don't see each other again until college, when you remember that magical kiss you had in high school. He asks you out for dinner and soon he proposes on beach right as the sun is setting. Your wedding is big and really a blast! You have 4 kids, Jamie, Leah, Carla, and Chris.

    Cool quiz............

  • Whoa, people people please. LGKavangh happens to be an amazing person, so yeah! I think her quiz was fresh, unique, so really cut the girl some slack, and let's see YOU do better! But mcalover, I happened to like your comment about Brad Kavanagh, and Laura, let's not be dissing my man Billy Gilman! Still, respect her, because you don't even know her!

    Gosh... haters these days!

  • o.O
    I got.. Jeff...
    What the... *stares off into space*

    I DID used to date a guy named Jeff and he IS my bff's cousin... But he had light brown hair and blue eyes... and.. it's not possible that we could get back together even if we wanted to... he... well... he's gone...

    I kinda liked the quiz... but... yea... it did kinda suck too.. sorry...

  • thanks you redrocker

    i have made other quizzes like this and i made this one at like 2 in the morning so it won't b as good as these

    7 minutes in paradise
    6 minutes with ???

    and the whole "who is your hottie" series was made by me as well. (up to part 5) (part 6 cuming soon!)

  • I got Spike .It's like my ex next door neibor .I had a crush on him ,but on the his move day he didn't even talk to me .>:( .He was my first crush ever !I know why he didn't talk to me .

  • lgkavanagh, i really hated this quiz no offense. it really really really sucked. srry if u think this is mean but i'm telling u the truth. also i think the next time u make a quiz like this, u should add more things like wat happends in the paradise thing.

    i think u just skip A LOT of details that ppl want to read. if u make another one of ur quizes i will take it.

    and also i think u go to the marraige part to quickly.

    x aka mrlq x
  • lgkavanagh, u don't need to be mean when another person judges ur quiz. they r telling the truth so u can do better......... UNLESS they r really harsh and is cussing in there.

    x aka mrlq x
  • I mean you adopt sumone!
    haven't you ever heard of that?
    gosh, tough crowd.
    let's see you make a better quiz!
    btw... its Lgkavanagh... got it?

    u guys just gotta all just chill out it's just a fictional quiz!

  • hey u Igkavanagh!!!wat do u mean to say dat i will adopt a child???? its true dat i love the boy next door but dat does not mean i'll adopt a child got it?it might be a quiz but better mind ur language and tell spike to go to hell

    unknown one
  • i didnt think ur quiz was too bad it wasnt the best but not bad. oh and that British guy is ugly and i am in love with British guys but he was ugly . but ur quiz gets 5 stars

  • Have for kids and one of the kids has my name... XD

  • i got Howie... *barfs*

  • that quiz was so stupid i dnt even know y i took it it was so #$%&* getto


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