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  • *FACEPALM* I have a proposition for EVERYONE who thinks the world is going to end. If the world does end I will never say anything again and I will die but if the world doesn't end and we are both fine you cannot EVER make any new theories about the appocplapse ok? Sounds fair to me! I lose I DIE you lose you cant cause mass hysteria and fear in people! My little brother is screaming and crying because he thinks the world is ending man...HE IS TERRIFIED!!!!!

  • hahaha! My neighbors are setting off fireworks (maybe cuz the world hasn't been destroyed/invaded yet?)! And, like, five minutes ago, there was this huge BOOM! sound, maybe a garbage truck, or something. Nice quiz!

    Ooooh! more fireworks!

  • you know what, even though i hear loud booms outside, it's just the wind. and the mayan calender ends, ya know what will happen. IT WILL RESTART DUMB GUY! just like the calender most of us use. it restarts at the end, on december 31, so the mayan calender restarted to. and i heard they discovered 2013 mayan calenders so haha on u mayans.

  • We are now under the galactic plane . The Mayan calendar stops today because of that it's not the end of the world .

  • I wont survive at all xD

    Bribri 1
  • FYI

    Its already 12/21/12 4:25 pm in my country. And im still freakin alive!


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