There our many smart people around the world but only a few of them our the prober geniuses! try this quiz out i bet you cant get top marks! you have to have a very clever mind to do this quiz.

Are YOU a geniuse? do you have the brain power to scam through this quiz and get top marks? thanks to this amazing tracy beaker quiz, in JUST a few miniutes you will find out how good your brain is on tracy beaker

Created by: Ellie

  1. Who is Tracy beaker?
  2. What is Elm Tree House?
  3. what job dose tracy beaker do at elm tree house?
  4. Who is Sapphire?
  5. What teddy animal dose harry carry around?
  6. what is tracy foster mum called?
  7. Who dose Sapphire play hide and seek with?
  8. what job dose mike have at Elm Tree House?
  9. how long did tracy beaker stay in prison for?
  10. Why did Tracy Breaker go to prison?
  11. Who are Tee and Johnney?

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