11 minutes in heaven (Girls only)

Basically a quiz I made because I was bored and um, yeah. It might get a little dirty, so be sure and yeah. I'm having a party and you're invited. There are five people you might end up with.

Their names are Aaron, Jake, Kyle, Rebecca (don't ask), and Sam. Choose wisely with the numbers because if you get the wrong one, yeah. And the letters.

Created by: Eliza B.
  1. Pick a letter
  2. Pick a number.
  3. Who would you rather make out with?
  4. Are you a daredevil?
  5. How far would you go on the first date?
  6. Have you ever been bi-curious or done something that was bi-curious?
  7. Who do you want to end up in the closet with?
  8. What do you do at my party?
  9. Did you like this quiz? (No effect)
  10. Are you ready?

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