Does He really LIKE you? (Girls Only)

Every girl has a crush on someone, it could either be the nerdy kid, the jock, the emo guy, the average kid, or the gangster. Love will blossom in strange ways

Do YOU think the guy you like, likes you back?? Does he like you just has a friend? Or is he madly in LOVE with you? My girls asked this question and in a few minutes you will find out!(:

Created by: Aznfreak(;

  1. You accidentally leave your paper on a table and your class is leaving, and you see your crush left in the room with your paper, Hes doing what?
  2. Your hear your crush asking for a pencil, you hand him a pencil, He does what?
  3. Your friends ask your crush if he knows you, what does he say?
  4. Your a dance, and you see your crush, then they say its time to slow dance, what does he do?
  5. What does he do when your friends say your name to him?
  6. Whenever you walk pass him during break or lunch with your friends, does he look at you?
  7. You two were partnered up by your science teacher to do a lab together, he does what?
  8. Does his friends ever look at you?
  9. Do you think your pretty?
  10. Did you like this quiz? (No effect)

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