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  • my old crushes name was connor, and guess who I got???

    guinealover7 Nov 20 '15, 5:55AM
  • Connor Franta

    Hookstrajl Nov 16 '14, 5:42PM
  • Andrew is my fave!! I like your quizes because they are not dirty and they are good with description. WOOT WOOT!! Andrew!! Take Silver Sunlight!

    silverain Mar 11 '12, 11:50AM
  • Your Result: Stephen

    "Two?" Stephen stands up. You have a few classes with him, not horrible, but not your first choice. The two of you walk in there and it's silent. "I really don't like you like that ________" he says to you, "good cause I don't either!" you say back. Then he takes your hand. What? "But, that doesn't mean we shouldn't give it a shot." AWK-WARD! He pulls you closer to him and starts kissing you. Um, not the greatest kisser you've met, but you feel sparks. He pulls away, "Well, I didn't feel anything." You want to cry. You say that you didn't either, but you really did. Poor you. :'(

    wah. :'(
    Poor Me

    IceBabe Dec 26 '11, 9:13AM
  • you should make it ALOt dirtier

    kitkat726 Nov 26 '11, 3:29PM
  • eww[no urls] my cousin is named seth... EWWWWW!!!!!

    Icearrow Apr 10 '11, 9:32PM
  • ha lol my ittle cousins named conner 2 lol and i know this gross guy named conner ho ran around naked in the girls changing room, my bros frend is named paul, and i got a cuz thats about 2 thats named seth lolz

    doggie_worshiper Jan 24 '11, 2:25PM
  • i got seth...he was boring lol

    Shawty A Dec 20 '10, 7:30PM
  • ok, good quiz
    i dont like andrew
    nor does he like me
    so we have a conflict here.
    anywayz, yall who got paul and are all "awww!" dont b
    no offense...
    check out 7 minutes in paradise!
    kk , <3 the quiz!
    lgbluvsBRADK AVANAGH!
    (lauraluv sconnor... pfft!) (well, not luv... not yet anywayz ;)

    lgbluvsBRADKAVANAGH Mar 7 '09, 6:18PM
  • That's weird i have a friend named Paul and we been friends since 2 grade . Weird .

    jazzy123 Mar 7 '09, 4:40PM
  • creapy my little cousins name is connor and that is my result

    Aero_blade 2 Mar 6 '09, 6:04PM
  • Andrew

    Adam's older brother. When you call five Andrew stands up. Why did I invite him? You'll find out! He walks in and smiles. "I really like you" he says then starts kissing you. Are you okay with this? You feel some sparks. Andrew, likes you? Is that why he would always sit near you, and make small talk with you? You two fall in love and get married at 24 when he proposes in Times Square. I'm your maid of honor and you two have the perfect life together. Aren't you glad I invited him?

    awwwwwww... .. that's so adorable...

    but there is a problem....... =|
    I despise the name Andrew..... lawlz!!!

    Anywayz .... good quiz!

    xXxXxemo_kittyxXxXx Mar 6 '09, 2:07AM
  • paul:)good quiz!!!!

    cute no hot Mar 5 '09, 8:07PM
  • Good quiz !!! I like the name Connor .

    Xy624 Mar 5 '09, 7:03PM
  • omg my friend and i are in a school play and he plays a kid named paul! but he's gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats gross i don't roll that way!

    maoh6 Mar 5 '09, 6:49PM
  • its ok i got connor

    starfire3 Mar 5 '09, 6:15PM
  • pfft. not bad not good...

    Too me Mar 5 '09, 5:49PM

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