10 amazing minutes in heaven (Just for girls)

Hey I hope you like this it's about 10 minutes in amazing heaven. It's like the real thing or if you want to play it but o one else will. here is one place to do it. OH and theres a story to go with the quiz

Here is the story that leads into a quiz so your friend is walking around talking to everyone and you see heaps of paper so you know just what will happen. It's a inviatition to her party with 10 minutes in heaven. You see her walking towards you...

Created by: Josie1

  1. You are invited to your friend Party Dear____, you are invited to my party. There will be 10 minutes heaven What do you say?
  2. so your friend forces you to go so what do you wear
  3. So your friend asks you to pick a letter out of a hat you pick one and you get...
  4. Your friend tells everyone to get ready in the bathroom. Do you?
  5. If you got in with the guy of your dreams you would.......
  6. After 10 minutes in heaven what do you do? with the guy you did it with
  7. If you went home or the party ended what do you do at home.
  8. So you're on the phone with him whats your greeting
  9. Do you like this quiz (Does'nt effect answer)
  10. So it's time for results

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