Who Is Your Seven Minutes In Heaven Soulmate?

Have you ever been in Seven Minutes In Heaven? Have you ever deramed about it? If you have done either of those, this quiz is for you! Take the quiz to find out what type of guy would beferfect for seven miutes in heaven for you!

Do you want Jason, the silent good guy? How about Xavier, the outgoing jock? What about Kyle, the quiet cutie? Whichever one you would pick in real life is probably the one you will pick in the quiz. So go anead. Figure out your Heaven!

Created by: Samantha
  1. The bottle lands on you. You:
  2. You notice that the guy you're going in the closet with is super hot, You:
  3. The boy makes a move. You:
  4. Are you emo?
  5. Are you sporty?
  6. Do you get nervous easily?
  7. Do you like emo boys?
  8. Do you like sporty boys?
  9. Do you think it's cute when guys get nervous?
  10. Who do you want your soulmate to be?

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Quiz topic: Who Is my Seven Minutes In Heaven Soulmate?