zombies... what now?

Zombies are a REAL threat, youd be doing yourself a favor by taking this quiz!! Ready to find out how likely you are to survive? Then take the quiz and find out for yourself!!

I made this quiz to see how well people can handle themselves when posed with the #1 threat to the world, the living dead!!! Well, that and George Bush, but thats neither here nor there soo... lets see how you score!!

Created by: Alo
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  1. ANSWER QUESTIONS LOGICALLY! you hear that there are people eating other people, or dismembering them. what do you first do?
  2. Its obviously zombies, so what weapon do you grab?
  3. What about close quarters?
  4. You need to move so what do you ride?
  5. Uh oh, lotta zombies in the street, better prepare for a siege.
  6. You have to leave, so how many people do you bring?
  7. oh no, your friend has been bitten...
  8. YOUVE been bitten.
  9. Youve become the minority, sooo...
  10. A supermarket!!!!

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