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  • What's your criteria? and sorry some of your selections, for simple questions are not workable. for example ages vs I am military further down:under 17 too young to go over 50 too old to stay in, the majority of military specialities don't do combat survival except for occasional marksmanship qualification, a better question is do you have Infantry related Skills. I own a buttload of weapons vs how far is the gunstore if you have guns you have ammo, the store owner will not give it to you.

    All of your options for where to go have serious security issues multiple doors and glass windows. The cops will be the among the first to get bit while trying to contain the situation. You need a small group of people to hold any building, you should add the Courthouse as most of them in this country are mini forts with storm shelters and equipment in the basement. As for shooting one of your group in the head, traumatic NONO for the group if just bitten abandon them, if frothing at the mouth mad bust their skull, gun shots attract more feeders, and if you were hiding indoors you will be deafened by the blast

  • To bmurph:

    You really don't grasp the concept of a zombie...

    what makes them so creepy (in my opinion) is that they don't actually need any of that to actually function. In one particular zombie flick i've seen, really the only part of the "human" brain that works on the zombie is the part that is controlling the most basic of motor functions. They really don't even need to consume anything to survive. So even if they eat all the people, they wander uselessly, but will still be there doing nothing of use for ever and ever.

    On a side note...I'd stick to my Marine fiance if zombies ever attacked. he is the biggest horror buff and zombie flick fan I've ever known. So as long as he lives... I'm pretty sure I'll kinda live, despite a 58% survival rate on my own. >< lol

  • 46% but that's only cuz they don't know my plan. I can throw a knife and shoot a gun fairly accurately. My friends and I rendezvous in the forest behind one of our houses, and hide in the hunting blinds out there! Plus we all own at least 3 guns apiece! We would live much longer than most everyone else!

  • It took off points because I'm female? Well, let me just tell you, I have come up with a air-tight ZS plan, and just because I havent had any 'formal fighting' training, doesnt mean I cant hold my own. I'm 175 lbs and I can throw my own husband to the ground when we work out together. He literally lifts off of his feet and he's 6'2". And swiss101, two things 1.Learn how to spell, & 2.Pray that this never happens. Kuggle, I also hope this happens. :3

  • I just wanted to call shenanigans on this quiz for being sexist. I see someone else already did it, but I'm mad too. Seriously I have read The Zombie Survival Guide and I don't remember any instruction starting with "...if your a woman forget surviving because you can't".


  • I wouldn't want any of the choices for an everyday weapon. The assault weapon category just has your normal close-range weapons, your autos, and a sniper rifle; what about a semi-auto like an AK47? Flamethrowers would be only good for wide open places. The last thing you would want to do is set yourself on fire. Not very descriptive on the buildings. Your home should be your best bet, unless you have a flimsy one-story home. 73% on the test and I have my own zombie news site, zombienewswatch dot com.

  • some of you need to read the zombie survival guide. flame throwers are the WORST possible weapon, especially in small groups. it takes a while for them to burn so while these flaming zombies aere still coming for you, they are setting everything else on fire as well. a silenced gun and a long sword, plenty of supplies and no fear and you should do alright.

  • I got 35% chance of surviving. Seriously? I would travel with a small group, carry weapons and watch out for anything. Plus, I can run and I'm good at hiding. This isn't very accurate. I don't think I'll die that quick in a zombie attack.

  • Weak, this quiz is set up for failure, first of all none of those weapons were the best weapon, you would want a hunting rifle over all of those, and the car option, well you'd want to be on foot or bycicle in a zombie attack situation cause roads would most definitely be clogged by abondoned cars and debree so driving unless in the open of nature would be futile. On top of that a runing engine is a dinner bell for zombies and theres always some douche that panics and punches it when the swarms come and what happens? the old gay guy chainsaws the hot blonde!! This quiz blows!! and yes I will make a better one. Give me a day.

    Chillen McCool
  • You have a 80% chance of surviving a zombie outbreak

    You will probably end up killing a few zombies and saving some innocent people, but you would die just before it was over

    I did good. under 18, good access to guns, work out every day. Too bad zombies aren't real...

    • same but i got points off because i put that i'm female (i'm not) so i'm kind of mad.

    • i got a 77 when i put that i'm female, but when i put that i'm male i got 87. WHAT?! I am not male or female. i am non binary and your gender should NOT make you less or more likely to survive a zombie apocalypse.

  • Lol? Flamethrower=Fail Reason Flamethrower lasts about 4-5 second bursts and zombies + fire = YOU LOSE

    Shotgun = too loud, Pistol = Yes
    Mall = Fail Fail Fail

    Army Men = ??? watch one be a dumbass and make you fail cause one gets eaten and then it spreads

    Remote Island - It starts on remote island... you failed

    Als o
    Crossbow = win :D

  • yeah i guess its true a 74% is a good chance that i might not make it but i think i could survive through more than just a few zombies plus i think my house would be the best place to hide beause one it has a thick wooden front and back door plus i own a total of 84 guns, mostly automatic

    and it has an old bomb shelter in the basement with fresh food and a working fountain

  • It makes stupid assumptions. First, you don't hide. You gather people to defend. Second, Guns are nearly useless. What is important is to secure your future survival. Food, water and free movement.

  • You will probably end up killing a few zombies and saving some innocent people, but you would die just before it was over

    That's what he said at 68%, hey, Shotguns are better than a flimsy handgun. Reason depends on what type of shotgun, a 22 could be compared to a weak single fire rifle. But 12 gage would rip apart zombies, I own an 8 GAGE. That would be nothing above the lungs with that gun.

  • Fo the answers, a Mall? While they are great for supplies, they are horrible for hiding in. 1:Zombies will go to places from their past life as a human. That means malls.

    Also, too many entrances. And too large. Great to loot, but no survival if you stay there. Also, for the question about the deserted grocery store, just a loophole: What if you already HAVE enough food and supplies? Why would you loot it?

  • 43%? Screaming for Mama?
    For your information,I am fearless.

    I have all these dreams where I'm either a tiger or a Commodore and I'm picking off all my enemies, and I love Katy Perry. But that had nothing to do with the quiz.

    Fear the Tigress.

  • Sixteen two percent survival rate,I do have good survival skills and common sense knowledge but when it comes to combat and weapons I hardly have experience then. Cool quiz mate.

  • Not accurate. I'm just scouting for zombie preparedness quizzes. This one does not make the grade. I gave all the right answers within the context of the questions and only got 58%. Not accurate.

  • Zombies can't exist because you need a working circulatory system, digestive system, and working lungs to bring oxegen, potassium, and calcium to the muscles to provide the chemical reaction needed for muscle movement.

  • 74 I have hand to hand combat and I'm a trained sniper but one thing they don't realize is if you shoot to much that's a lot of noise leading to a lot of zombies. My weapon of choice is a sniper and a sword I own

  • 77%. Plus martial arts experience, survival experience, parkour experience, and the ability to make improvised weapons out of near about anything, so I really don't know. If I do die, at least I'll go out swinging.

  • You have a 45% chance of surviving a zombie outbreak


    You probably wont make it too long without getting your intestines ripped from your belly while screaming for mamma.

  • 68%... Nice! I just don't understand why the creator of this test didn't include that much about travel or getting the fun out of something serious. I'm pretty sure I'd have a better chance of survival in real life, though.

    "Anyone know of a local Walmart that sells guns?"

  • 46% but that's only cuz they don't know my plan. I can throw a knife and shoot a gun fairly accurately. My friends and I rendezvous in the forest behind one of our houses, and hide in the hunting blinds out there! Plus we all own at least 3 guns apiece! We would live much longer than most everyone else!

  • The only way youll actually survive a zombie outbreak is if you can aim a gun and have the street smarts to survive,

    then u have a chance at saving yourself and maybe some others.

    Whats crazy is that theres a stupid nazi experiment that turned people into zombies... good thing the US gov got rid of it


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