Zombie Style Survival

Are you smart able to complete this quiz? if so then do it!, but do it correctly, note that this quiz is not so easy than you can imagine, so farewell and good luck.

This quiz requires true genius minds, those minds which can solve complex problems easily and fastly. so only those who have genius mind can complete this quiz.

Created by: iiifkj3 of nowebsite
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  1. Your first action, when encountering zombie?
  2. if you are Shaolin,how will you kill that zombie?
  3. If you are Ninja,then?
  4. If you are 50 cent?
  5. you succesfully kill that zombie, now where will you head to? the full area is crowded with zombies
  6. you are on your way,you see a shaolin who has just arrived here from dojo, fighting with zombies,and he asks your help,
  7. you arrive at your place, but there,is nobody. the zombies are slowly taking all places? what to do?
  8. you arrived at dojo, the master is recruiting everyone for a plan, to escape.
  9. you are out of dojo, you climb up the roof and see hordes of zombies,what will you become now?
  10. you have managed to escape that area, the dojo is destroyed,but there is still one thing left. :The Zombies. what now?

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