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  • Ok, so I absolutely love this quiz because this has showed me that I am a slaying zombie killer at heart! I always knew I was different, and had it in me to fight! I think that my next door neighbor would freak out, and leave me to fight the mind controlling, flesh eating zombies! I love to slay zombies! Humans Rule! and Zombies Drool!

  • This quiz was horrible I don't think anyone is going to be attacked by zombies anytime soon! But a quiz that is really good is what do your toes say about you! You should try it instead of taking this junk!!!

  • Awesome quiz,dude.I'll go Leon S. Kennedy on dem zombies!Woohoo!But, if a real outbreak would come,then I would go Resident Evil.Yeah Leon!Wait,what was I talking about?(scratches head)Oh,yeah!I'm not retarded but awesome quiz.

  • really cool quiz, man. imma zombie exterminator - now how f***ing awesome is that, huh?

    Humans Rule! and Zombies Drool! - I'll keep this in mind for future referece! XD


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