yugioh gx rank quiz

there are many good duelers out there,but only the best can atend this school.this is the exam you are taking depends on your knowlege of dueling do you have what it takes. you just have to answer these proplems

are you a good duelest for your school.are you brave.are you a wimp.or are you an averge guy/girl. this schools far anyone who likes a good challenge,and likes to have freinds

Created by: austin

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  1. you encounter your rivel who is stronger than you what do you do
  2. you have a bad hand of level 3-1 cards what do you do
  3. your opponent uses raigeki or dark hole,what 2 cards can counter
  4. what is the effect of every fuison elemental hero neo card
  5. your in a tourtiment you have to earn points in order to enter.what do you do
  6. you get redey to duel but you cant find anyone.when you find one what do you say
  7. you over sleept on exam day.what do you do
  8. you get picked on by bullies and they wanna fight you do what
  9. the world depends on you and you have to duel.you do what
  10. you have to duel for your life,but your scared you'll die,what do you do

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