Your wolf life(girl version)

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What would your life be if you were a wolf would you be a brave alpha female or a srawny omega who is nothing or a loner who hunts alone or maybe a coruppt demon wolf mwaahahaha!

Are you either of those find out in this awesome quizz! This will teach you the meaning of being a striking wolf SEXUAL CONTENT AGES 14+ No others allowed

Created by: Wolfie19
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  1. When you first open your eyes you see:
  2. When you are playing with your parents you accidently:
  3. You are now a teen and are searching for a pack when you see humans you:
  4. You wake up in a lab your paws are full of needles and you are hooked up to a machine of somesort you then see a evil looking man.terrifyed you
  5. You wake up in a bright room full of , look different angered you
  6. You are know an wonder the forest when you meet a male wolf he is cute and you are attracted to him.....his personality seems to be:
  7. You become mates(if you chose one)you have a happy life now but he desires pups you:
  8. You are now having pups!you decid to move dens for your future you choose
  9. When you are off to your new den you hurt yourself the damage is
  10. You are now at your den and the pups are coming you shout to your mate who is out hunting
  11. You have now given birth to
  12. Your life is ending how did it go?
  13. Last question Did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: My wolf life(girl version)