Your Werewolf life part 2

Example; "Werewolves.... one of the most common things on earth. We wish WE don't turn in to one.. for now. You may not notice it, but werewolves are

all around you. When your'e reading a book, taking a shower,playing sports, at parties, whatever. You might even never notice that your best friend is one of them.

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  1. You take Jake's advice and call the cops.
  2. The cops say "Kid we got no time for stupid questions"
  3. They hang up and the werewolves catch you.
  4. They kill Jake (Sarah still left) and your Family
  5. Just when they are about to kill you, Sarah comes with a gun
  6. They snatch the gun from Sarah and kill her.
  7. What are your thought's?
  8. You somehow free yourself and snatch Sarah's gun from the werewolves
  9. You shoot one werewolf and 9 are left
  10. Part 3 coming soon!

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Quiz topic: My Werewolf life part 2