Your Warrior Cats Life (Long Results, She-cats Only)

This is my very first quiz, so don't be mad at me if it's bad. I'm making a different quiz on a love story called Dusktail's Choice, if you can, be sure to check it out.

In this quiz, you will choose your destiny, one of these six cats. You will choose your Clan, position, appearance, mate, kits and more! I hope you like it!

Created by: Nightstream
  1. Me: Hello, Nightstream here! I have a few special guests with me today. Hollyleaf: Hi!Me: Can you ask the first question?Hollyleaf: Sure! What is your favorite prefix?
  2. Me: Wait, where's Ravenpaw?Dovewing: He's hiding.Me: Can somebody get Ravenpaw?Ivypool: Can I ask the question, please?Me: ...FineIvypool: Yay! *Does a little dance* Okay, okay...what is your favorite pelt color?
  3. Me: Ah, Ravenpaw you're here! Now, fire ahead.Ravenpaw: *Shivers* Fire?Me: No, no, not real fire, I mean go ahead.Ravenpaw: With the question?Me: Yes.Ravenpaw: *Gulps* W-what is your personality?
  4. Firestar: Hey there! Exited to get your results? Well anyway what is your favorite eye color?
  5. Graystripe: *Pants* Sorry i'm late, Millie asked me to catch her a mouse, she didn't have to be so precise! Wait...what was I supposed to ask? Me: Clan.Graystripe: Oh, right. What is your Clan?
  6. Me: Sharpclaw, why are you fake smiling like that, it's creepy.Sharpclaw: Nothing!Me: Okay...are you (formerly) Kittypet, Clanborn or HalfClan?
  7. Me: Oh, hey Swiftpaw! Swiftpaw: Hi, what is your dream position?
  8. Me: It's RP time! Leafstar...wait...who are you?Darktail: Darktail, Leafstar couldn't make it...she had something going on...Sharpclaw: *Hisses*Me: Wait, aren't you the cat who took SkyClan's home and went to the Clans to destroy them?Darktail: That's me...Me: Then you shouldn't be here-Darktail: Do you want me to claw your eyes out!Me: No.Darktail: *Takes a deep breath* Rouge cats are attacking, what will you do?
  9. Snowfur: Still RP. What would you do if you saw a rouge on your territory...?
  10. Me: OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU JAYFEATHER!Jayfeather: Um, you're weird. We're still in RP, If a cat close to you died, how would you react?
  11. Leafpool: Who would your love be?
  12. Ferncloud: Do you want kits?
  13. Me: What do you have there?Cinderpelt: Some marigold for Sootpaw's scrape. How do you want to die?
  14. Me: Oh, hi Feathertail, ready to ask the last question?Feathertail: Ready as I'll ever be! Okay, who do you want to escort you to StarClan?
  15. Me: Just kidding! One more question, did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: My Warrior Cats Life (Long Results, She-cats Only)