Your True Wishes

Everyone has a wish, but not all wishes are alike. When you take this quiz and reveiw your results, it will explain more about yourself. Wishes can come true, if you try hard enough..

What is your main wish in life? If you aren't sure, this quiz is right for you. Your answer will be given to you, fully! So don't keep your curiousity going! Have fun! And don't forget to answer truthfully!

Created by: Morla

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  1. Do you love alot of people, care about your friends, and could you possibly be in love?
  2. Do you like/use many types of weapons?
  3. Do like to read fantasy books very often?
  4. Do like to read fantasy books very often?
  5. Do you think about yourself or the world any?
  6. Do you think about yourself or the world any?
  7. Do you do drugs? (Or smoke weed)
  8. Do you believe that more people should join the war?
  9. Are you a sexist/do you belives your sex should have power over the other sex?
  10. Have you ever hurt yourself purposely/tried to commit suicide?
  11. Would you rather be a millionaire or find true love?
  12. Do you believe in vampires and werewolves? Or do you wish they were real?

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