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  • CHARACTER: Adela Starks

    1. Appearance: Green mysterious eyes, Brown curly hair, medium height

    2. House: Slytherin
    3. Year: First

    4. Blood line : was adopted by some muggle and hence is considered to be mudblood

    5. Secrets: She's on a quest to know who she really is

    6. Anything else: Is good in potions and overall academics, is against Quidditch, can get jealous, is on good terms with the Gryffindors

    Scen e: I'm not able to think, ugghh... I'm miserable

    Btw, seeing the no more entries time, I think maybe I'll post in a few days.

  • Interesting........ ......I like her, good job and good luck!

    Pyra Potter

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