Your Mom! The Quiz of Awesome

My momma said you ugly. She also says that you smell like shapoopie. I doubt anyone even reads this, so why do we have to do it? Are you Awesome? Are you Crappy? Are you a cereal Killer? *Oh no! Not the Lucky Charms!* Well, take this quiz anyway. Or die. JK

Directions For The Dumb: 1. read question 2. read answers 3.choose answer that applies most to you 4.go away ENJOY MORTALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What? still reading? man, you are so boring. My hand is getting tired. Hurry up and read, moron! WOW YOU ARE STUPID!!!!

Created by: Lillie
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  1. Have you ever decided to push your guy-friend off a cliff?
  2. Have you ever thought that 'awful' sounded like 'waffle'?
  3. Do you wear pants or skirts?
  4. Did you know that the Chinese have developed a killer weapon that will all of a sudden make you poop?
  5. My mom says that you have no life. What say you?
  6. I have a dream. And in it, something eats you.
  7. Emo people like to eat cookies and milk like Santa! True or Falso?
  8. My daddy left my mommy so now she has a boyfriend. What is his name?
  9. Milhouse loves Lisa. Bart loves Me. What? Oh no!
  10. Christmas is about the Birth of Jesus Christ. Don't you agree?

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