Your inspirational Bible verse for 2016

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The Bible as we know is the inspired work of God. A guide to life, where all our morality comes from. If it's in the Bible you know it's truth you can rely on.

Which Bible verse is going to. Guide you this year? A book of many amazing verses which can help you in all aspects of the modern world. Put you faith in the good book.

Created by: Satan of Satan
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  1. Respect is deserved or earned?
  2. Is feminism a force for good?
  3. Do you like animals?
  4. Female priests?
  5. Morality
  6. The sexual revolution.
  7. Do you like children?
  8. A big group of children insult a man's hair.
  9. Work ethic
  10. Are you a morning person?

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Quiz topic: My inspirational Bible verse for 2016