Your Ideal Type of Guy Is...

Love is one of the most important and powerful forces in the world. It can possess us to do many things. It is also, however, pure bliss to love, whether it is your soulmate or your dog.

You are a female seeking a male, and yet you have not yet found yourself. You do not know which type of guy is really and truly meant for you. You thought it would take years to find out. Fortunately, you are wrong. Opportunity is knocking, so go ahead and take the quiz!

Created by: Carrie
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  1. It's your first day at a new school. You trip and fall, your books spilling out of your arms. You turn bright red, and try to pick them up. Luckily, someone helps you get them into your arms. You look up to see it's a handsome boy with a sweet face. "Hi..." he says. "I'm Greg." You think...
  2. You say bye to Greg and walk to your next class. When you sit down, a grinning, handsome guy who tells you his name is Tony. "Your eyes are blue," he says. "No, they're not," you reply. "I know, I was just saying that to get your attention," he replies with a laugh. "Although I think I have some contacts in my backpack that could do the job." "Really?" you say in surprise. "Well, of course not, I'm not an eye doctor!" he replies. You can't help cracking up. You think...
  3. You're still smiling at Tony's joke when you walk to your locker to prepare for you next class. You're stunned to see an incredibly gorgeous guy leaning against the next locker, his beautiful eyes on you. You're robbed of your ability to speak. "Hey," he says in a soft, seductive voice. "I'm Matt." You stutter your name and your heart flutters. He grins at you and is about to say something when the bell rings. "See you around," he says in the same soft, amazing voice. You think...
  4. You manage to breathe and get to your next class. It's biology and you sit next to a smart but handsome guy, who you are paired up with for a lab test. "I'm Chris," he says, flashing you a cute smile. His knowledge about science is impressive, you learn. He shows you how to pour the chemicals the right way. You feel very proud get your first A+ ever in science from your teacher. At the end of class, Chris says bye and you think...
  5. You see a guy about to pull the fire alarm and are shocked so you say "Stop!" He turns around, revealing a very handsome face, which smirks. "Why?" "Because you can't just do that!" you splutter. Just then, the bell rings. Shoot. "Seth," he says. "See you around." He smirks.
  6. You are now done with the first part of the quiz. You will now be answering questions about yourself in general.
  7. What, of the following options, do you think is the most important?
  8. After you have finished this quiz, do you SWEAR to do something to help animals or the enviornment (start a recycling club, donate to the World Wildlife Fund or Humane Society, etc.)?
  9. How did you like this quiz?
  10. What is your favorite color? (does not affect your score)

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