Your favorite cookie from CRK

what is your favorite cookie from cookie run? this quiz will guess it and is most likely right. SO TAKE IT NOW!! Thank you so much!!rgl uvgchnjvghffghnh

Come take my quiz to get your favorite cookie run character :DD! I'm sure it'll be correct to come trying please! Thank you very much :Dejgfvghj gv dfjhgn

Created by: Frankie

  1. Favorite color
  2. Favorite food
  3. Hair length
  4. Do you like creative commons?
  5. Beach or Mountains
  6. Do you like cheese???
  7. Coke or Pepsi?
  8. Favorite drink?
  9. Favorite Pizza Topping?
  10. Is creative commons good?

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Quiz topic: My favorite cookie from CRK