Your Color and Affinity

Nyx is a goddess of darkness, but darkness is not evil all the time. She has wonderful way of giving gifts called affinities. Affinities are great privalages along with many responsibilities.

You may beleive in god but you can still want to know what your affinity is and if you dont, its ok too. just have fun! Its only a quiz! But its not like a quiz where the people have no idea what there talking about though.

Created by: ?????

  1. do you have a lover?
  2. pick a color...
  3. Pick a food
  4. pick a sign...
  5. Are you a good artist?
  6. Love is important to many...
  7. Cats or dogs? Red or blue?
  8. Have you ever wanted to be a vampyre?
  9. Pick...
  10. Peace or war?

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Quiz topic: My Color and Affinity