Your Anime Level

Have you ever wondered if your level of knowledge for anime is enough to at least hold somewhat of a conversation about anime? This will give you a basic idea on how basic your ideas are.

This is not a quiz to show if you are an elite at anime. This is a quiz to show if you have basic knowledge about the anime system and what to expect from who, and who did what, and what would someone be talking about when they say this or that.

Created by: Tyler W

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  1. How Much Anime Have You Seen (Count a show if you've seen 4+ episodes if dropped)
  2. Which of These Shows is the Most Popular?
  3. The romance genre is led by how many animes that are a must see for drama and romance?
  4. Of what group would people prefer a shounen anime?
  5. What is josei?
  6. What is the polar opposite of Moe/Lolicon?
  7. What is the king of borderline hentai (Extreme ecchi)
  8. Which company is responsible for the top romances?
  9. Which company is famous for making anime movies?
  10. Who is the greatest movie maker ever?

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