You Think You Know Shyanne, But Let's See if You Really Have an I

There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. Genius is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is a genius? A genius is someone who has an extraordinarily clever mind, is able to solve complex problems, and see the world through an entirely novel point of view. Or maybe they just pay attention to the things their friends tell them!

Are YOU a genius? Do you have the brainpower to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out! You think you know????

Created by: Shyanne

  1. First things first, what is my full government name? If you don't get this right you may as well give up now!
  2. I am very aggressive, independent, passionate, and emotional. Therefore I am...
  3. Okay, onto the harder questions. I take the most pride in myself for being...
  4. I graduated with...
  5. Of my life goals, the most important life goal is to:
  6. My favorite movie of all time is
  7. When I move into my first place, the first thing I am going to buy is:
  8. Of the many talents I possess, I once was a great
  9. My car is named:
  10. I am very self conscious about:

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