You, Silver, Sonic, & Shadow! Pt 3!

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Hey! Okay you better have taken part two and one or else you'll be lost. Part one is linked to BTRfreak's account, part two is linked to my account. :D

Man, I love that picture NUMA NUMA! XDDDD Shadow is covering his ears and is totally annoyed by Silver and Sonic :DD I like Sonic up close he looks awesome! I guess SILVER!!!

Created by: Silver776

  1. Silver & Sonic started fighting, Shadow opened the plane door so Silver & Sonic will be sucked in there then fall out of the plane. "SHADOW CLOSE THAT DOOOOOR!" Silver shouted while hanging on to something. "No, I want you and Sonic to fall out of the plane, sorry." Shadow said going to sleep. "Ugh." You said getting up and closing the door then falling to sleep.
  2. "Thank god we're safe." Sonic said relieved. "Yeah.." Silver said looking at Sonic. "What?" Sonic said backing up. "Oh nothing.." Silver said coming closer too Sonic. "Your gonna punch me arn't you?" Sonic asked. "Hmm.." Silver said then pushed Sonic and started punching him. "SEE I WAS RIGHT!!" Sonic shouted and started kicking Silver.
  3. They both fought for 3 hours then fell asleep. 19 hours later the plane landed in China. You woke up and waked up Silver, Sonic, & Shadow. "Are we here?" Shadow asked. "Yep!" You said. "OMG I GET TO SEE THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA!!" Silver shouted then standing up. "I GET TO SEE HOW THEY MAKE THOSE LITTLE CUTE TEDDY BEARS!!" Sonic shouted. "COME ON LET'S GO!" Silver said running out of the plane holding you, Sonic, and Shadow's hand.
  4. "Wow" You said looking around. "Come on, let's explore China!" Silver said walking around. "Okay first we're gonna see how they make those cute little teddy bears" Sonic said. "No we're gonna see the Great Wall of China" Silver said. "Here comes the fighting" Shadow said grabbing your hand. "Where you taking me?" You asked. "Somewhere more interesting like...ANTARCTICA!" Shadow said. "Um Shadow?" You asked. "Yeah?" Shadow said. "We can die if we go there.." You said. "Oh okay, we can watch Silver & Sonic fight?" Shadow said. "Sure." You said.
  5. You two walked over and sat down on a bench. "NO TEDDY BEARS!" Sonic shouted and then pushed Silver down. "NO! GREAT WALL OF CHINA!" Silver shouted and got back up then punchdgmmmmmmhmm Sonic in the face. Everyone stopped what they we're doing and looked at Silver & Sonic. "They just love embarrassing their selfs" Shadow said. "Yep" You said. Silver & Sonic started punching, kicking, & you know other violent stuff.
  6. But-------
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  10. BAI!! :333333

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