You know you've been in NJ too long if...

This is a quiz to identify the few, the proud, the burned out dregs that are ready to Get Out Of Jersey Right Now! If you are an intense NJ lover, a completely loyal booster of the Garden State, don't take this test!

If you are starting to become irritated with everything around you, the roads, the weather, the government, even the pizza, take this quiz. The results could help you to improve your lot in life! (Or at least give you a good laugh!)

Created by: Wayne Sanderson of
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  1. The best pizza you can remember eating is:
  2. You start to fixate on what it would be like to:
  3. You are tired of explaining to out-of-staters why:
  4. People crack the old joke- Hey, you're from New Jersey? What Exit?!- and you:
  5. You haven't been here in at least 10 years:
  6. This term no longer alarms you:
  7. The following is the most common sight on your commute to work:
  8. Your kid is active with the following as an after school group:
  9. You don't use the phone book anymore because:
  10. You are so sick of the price of home heating by Oil or Gas, you:
  11. Your kid is graduating from High School and:

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