What type of RA are you

This quiz is to decide what type of RA you are? RA's are students also that are "resident assistants." They live in residents halls and "help" students make it through college. This quiz determines what type you are.

Are you a super hard ass... an RA that doesn't suck...but does their job...or should you have been fired a long long long long time ago because you miss meetings, fall asleep during duty, or you like to have a little too much to drink...especially when on duty.

Created by: J, Murphy
  1. You're on duty.... you are most likely to be found....
  2. A resident is walking toward you with an open container... you would
  3. You're chatting in a resident's room and you see a unlit candle
  4. If students were playing wiffle ball in the hall... you would
  5. Your underage...and you friends invite you over for a low key party... you would
  6. When sitting in the cafe' you hear students talking about a party in the room that night.You would?
  7. If not on duty you can be found?
  8. Your visiting your best friends and they pull out some beer.
  9. Do you drink?
  10. You walk by a room where they are playing beer pong..what would you do?
  11. You're of age to drink...and your resident ask you if you drink....you say?
  12. Your beliefs about drinking are....
  13. You give warnings....when?

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Quiz topic: What type of RA am I