You know you're addicted to HD slash when....

There are many Slash fans, but not so many Obsessed!slash fans. An obsessed HD slash fan is one who can list 20 brilliant reasons for their pairing on the spot and see any fic without the pairing as a sacrilege to the HD fandom. Harry and Draco are worshipped as the OTP of all time and any who oppose... ill will be to them!

Are YOU an obsessed HD fan. DO you have the qualities to be bestowed with this title. Do you have a flist the length of your right arm? Thanks to this quiz you can find out!

Created by: olimakiella of I meant to do that
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  1. Your walking down the road and see a blond and brunet walking alongside each other in an intense conversation. The first thing you think of is...
  2. When you see a H/D Fic but notice the warning saying it contains het you
  3. When the seventh movie comes out
  4. When the sixth movie comes out
  5. Your friends do not want to go with you to a HP movie because
  6. If life were fair...
  7. You have a H/D flist so long
  8. You have come to accept that every time you try to leave the HD slash archive
  9. When you've finished a really long and satisfying fic you feel
  10. The fics labelled SMUT
  11. On your computer at home you have

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