You Don't Know Raye

First thing's first. If you have never met me, Manda Raye, leave right now, because you have no business being here. This for people I know, my friends, as a test to see how well they really pay attention. So are you my friend? I bet you are. Then challenge yourself. But don't be surprised if you do horrible on this.

The entire purpose of this is to motivate my friends to talk to me more, pay more attention to little things, and overall just have some fun. This is the second quiz I've made like this, and last time, only two people did good at all. Everyone else, people that know me really well, did terrible. But keep in mind that most of the questions are trick questions and have wrong answers that seem incredibly right. I really, really, thought it all through this time. Don't beat yourself up if you do bad.

Created by: Manda Raye of this site
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  1. This is my second "You Don't Know Raye" quiz, because all of my friends (except one) failed miserably. One person got a perfect score, though. Who was it?
  2. The question most people got wrong on my last quiz was probably the easiest and most obvious one. So I will ask again. What is my favorite colour?
  3. I think this question is kinda hard, even for me to decide on an answer. But if you think deep enough, you should get it. Who is my number one favourite actor?
  4. How many elementary schools did I attend?
  5. What is my neice's name?
  6. Another question most people got wrong last time was this one. However, the real answer wasn't one of the choices. So I give you all another chance at this one. The real answer is here this time. What is my number one favourite song of all time?
  7. Here's an easy one - What's my natural hair colour?
  8. Stupid question - What kind of iPod do I have?
  9. What is my favourite place to eat at?
  10. Which of the following bands have I not seen live?
  11. How many bones have I broken?
  12. Here's a hard one, I don't expect you to get it right. You really have to pay attention. What kind of digital camera do I have? (Here's a hint; google for images of the cameras if you recognize mine.)
  13. Let's make this the last question, shall we? It's obvious. :] How many sisters do I have?

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