You don't know me!

This is a quiz about me. It tells you how much you know about me. This has never been done before ever, so enjoy this new form of entertaining survey... Perhaps it will catch on.

I know these are lame, but so am I. I have nothing better to do on this saturday than to create one of these lame quizes. So since I spent so much of my value-less time on this, perhaps you should take it, and see how much you know about me!!

Created by: zak

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is MY gender?
  2. What is my favorite color?
  3. What kind of music do I like best?
  4. What is my major?
  5. How many animals/pets do I have?
  6. What is my favorite car?
  7. Out of the greeks, who is my favorite?
  8. What was my first car?
  9. Where did I grow up?
  10. Out of the following, who do I like best?
  11. What is my middle name?
  12. Favorite sport of mine (to participate in)?
  13. My Favorite Ice-Cream?
  14. What is my favorite movie?
  15. Who has the most influence on me?
  16. My book of choice?
  17. What is the best engine?
  18. What is my favorite video game?
  19. My favorite type of humor...

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