Wut Chu Kno Bout Dis J3rs3y Girl?!?

There's alot of people that know me,but there's only a few that knows me the best.I am,afterall,a Jersey girl dat don't take s---.What is a Jersey girl? A Jersey girl is someone born and raised in one of the many cities of Jersey,a girl that represents the city she was born in,and someone that keeps it gangsta!

Are YOU just like me? Do you have a special place that you call home and represent to the fullest? Well Do you have the potential to find out about me and get all 10 questions correct? It'll only take a few minutes,go ahead,test your knowledge!

Created by: Deondra

  1. Wut Part Of Jersey Am I From??
  2. Wut Type of Person Am I??
  3. Who Ma Best Friends??
  4. Would I Rather...
  5. I Sleep With My...
  6. Whats Ma Talents?
  7. I Am?
  8. What Street I Live On??
  9. What Are Ma Brothas Names?
  10. What's Ma Favorite Rock Band And Color?

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