Would you tickle me to death?

Im a 17 years old boy. You must tickle me to death, forever, you dont have to stop, your choice when it is over. Lets see can you tickle me so much? This quiz is ahout me, a 17 years old boy getting tickled

This quiz have several questions. Answer to them and you will get a result, which explains, how much could you tickle me? Even till death? If so, you will be an amazing tickler one day!

Created by: Ticklishboy17

  1. What are you?
  2. What will I wear when you tickle me?
  3. Will you tie me up?
  4. If yes, with what?
  5. How long will you tickle me?
  6. What tools will you use?
  7. Where will you tickle me?
  8. When will you let me go?
  9. What kind of tickle would you do on me?
  10. What tickle game will we play?
  11. Did you liked the quiz?

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