Would you survive your birthday

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There are many people who can handle their parties, are you one of them? Take your time on this quiz and good luck! I bet you will get a great result!!! :)

You probably won't survive your birthday. Oh no!!! :0 Take my other quiz to make sure you know when your birthday is! Good luck! Good luck on this quiz too!

Created by: Comex

  1. Do you like cake?
  2. Do you like ice cream?
  3. Do you like balloons?
  4. Do you like music?
  5. Do you like getting presents?
  6. Do you like birthdays?
  7. Do you like parties?
  8. Do you like people?
  9. Do you know when your birthday is?
  10. Will you comment and rate?

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Quiz topic: Would you survive my birthday