Would you Survive This Scenario?(Zombie Apocalypse)

There are many zombie shows and movies that kids and adults always pretend being.Such as Walking Dead, or Zombieland.I dream of being characters in those tv things.

But...do you think you have what it REALLY takes?This test will show you if you do.Are you scared or SUPERIOR?Are you dead or DEATHLY?This will show you if you have what it takes to survive.

Created by: Kyra Orsburn

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  1. You see zombies starting to break into your moms bedroom while she is sleeping.Do you wake her up?Or leave her to die?
  2. When you start grabbing guns, do you start killing all zombies, or do you hide until they break in?
  3. You run out shooting zombies.Do you run to the gun store or food store?
  4. Do you grab all the water or food from your house?
  5. You see a clan that could seriously help you survive, but they say your family is too old to join.Do you betray family, or stay with your parents
  6. You see a pathway full of your enemies and one full of zombies.Which do you take
  7. You see a car,but zombies are following you.Do you take your chance in the car or shoot them all and run?
  8. You see a shelter for dogs and an old shelter for humans.The humans one might collapse right now.Which do you enter?
  9. You stumble upon a bomb and 5 zombies.If you go near the bomb it will kill you, but if you take the zombies you have a chance of being bitten.
  10. Lastly, do you jump off a building for peace, or do you keep going?

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