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  • ...with less perishables and more general supplies. Both these places would also be overwhelmed by people thinking the same thing about the supplies- that means more infighting and a higher chance of infection among the humans. A church is a pretty good place to hide- secure walls, lots of churches are old and built to last from solid stone, they tend to have strong doors whuch can be sealed from the inside, ornamental windows which can be smaller and higher than regular windows, in general a church is biult to shelter people. A hospital has lots of medicla supplies and food, but again they are intended to easily allow people outside access, and usually have lots of exterior walls made of glass. Infected patients would be a concern as well. An apartment building has the advantage of having a second floor, at least I think that is why it was chosen as the right answer. However any of the choices can have more than one storey, and an apart from that there could be a lot of clearup involved as you go unit by unit looking for zombies trapped within. The main thing to consider when hiding in a structure is to secure the structure within and once you've gathered any supplies (safely- no supply is worth s--- if your infected) get to a higher level and break out the stairs to keep those stupid zombies away- hey now, wouldn't a crowbar be much better at taking out a flight of stairs than a bat?

    Hiding on what floor?- if you've read the last answer you know why higher ground is generally safer. Zombies are to simple minded to build any structure to climb on- short of piling up on themselves.

    Its hard to know whether or not you have what it takes to take a recently infected friend, or yourself, out- but anyone can see why it's necessary.

    How long does a zombie survive? really depends on outside factors effect on the rate of decay.

    What is the Roman order? It's XXXVII, or 37- I don't know where this tool got 66 from..

  • ( I didn't think I'd end up ranting for so long; my posts should be read oldest to newest- in other words bottom to top)

    ... maybe there is something out there I haven't read, or some copycat stuff- but it seems more likey given the survey authors references that he's thinking about order 37.

    Everyone, at least anyone who would do a zombie related survey, knows the brain is the key to killing a zombie.

    What is the only safe zombie- yup, it's a dead one, simple finish to crappy quiz


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