Would you survive the Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games movie just came out? Would you survive? Would you die of Hunger? A spear to the head? I hope you liked the movie and or the books as much as I did

So would you survive? Find out if 12 simple questions! Do it now! Or I will go all Katniss on your ass! And may the odds in ever in your favour! I hope you like my quiz too!

Created by: Erika

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  1. The count down is starting, 10-9-8-7... You see a bunch of weapons in the centre of the field. What do you choose?
  2. Would you make an alliance with other tributes
  3. If you're best friend or sibling was selected as a tribute, would you take their place?
  4. Are you good at running?
  5. Would you fake a romance to get sponsors?
  6. If you did die, how do you think you would?
  7. Are you good at hunting
  8. Do you think the odds are in your favour?
  9. Have you read the books
  10. Have you seen the movie?

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