Would you survive pandora?

Pandora, many describe it "charmin" or "beutiful" but i describe it HELL, na'vis trying to kill you, viper wolf wanting to eat you, if you have the right skill, though, you would survive

would you survie Pandora or, what i said before, be in HELL, it depends, right answer, higher chance, wrong answere, LOWER CHANCE! will you survive, or will you die!

Created by: Dylan

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. if you were on pandora, what would you be
  2. if you were in a avatar, would you join the na'vi?
  3. what weopon do you want
  4. if you were a human, where would you be in the final battle?
  5. if you were in the na'vi, where would you be?
  6. a human asked you to kill the leader of the na'vi, would you?
  7. where would you live if you were in the na'vi?
  8. are you like Jake
  9. would you petray your side?
  10. last quistion, dwhat would you rate this quiz?
  11. just tricking, this is the REAL last quistion, would you even GO to pandora?
  12. JUST TRICKING AGAIN! this is a important quistion, and the last one, whatg would you do if you were sourounded by viper wolfs?
  13. JUST TRICKING, OK, REAL LAST QUISTION, you know that thing that chased jake, then he jumped into a waterfall, what would you do, if there was no waterfall?

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